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Our Courses


Stories are the best form of imparting knowledge. It is a traditional yet relevant method of teaching. Storytelling cultivates kids’ imagination levels through stories. These stories will help in building vocabulary and speaking skills with lots of fun.


Phonics teaches the letter-sound relationship. Phonics knowledge leads to word knowledge, when children understand the sound of letters, they will be able to apply their knowledge and read longer words that they have not seen before.

Creative Writing

In creative writing sessions, our main focus is to cultivate the writing habit using one’s own imagination. Writing an essay using imagination is what we emphasize. Creative writing includes a lot of brain exercise. Brain activities & imaginative activities are the basis of this course.

Mother Toddler

There is always a nurturing bond between a mother and her toddler. But to create a friendship bond from the very beginning, this course has been designed. This program offers an engaging ride promising bonding, value-based play, easy peasy fun activities, and theme-based learning!


Knowing your grammar gives you confidence in what you speak. Designed to make learning fun and interactive that will improve their creativity, leadership, and communication skills! Learning the right way to convey your idea is what we emphasize. A learning experience that will make your child ready for the real global world with lots of opportunities and skills.

Spoken English

In current times, the importance of speaking in English has grown tremendously. Being able to speak in the English language gives the confidence of public speaking and improves the personality. Knowing the basics of this language has become inevitable. Niaa creations teach spoken English from the scratch. We have a unique style of teaching which will enable you to learn to speak English with a lot of fun.

Radio Jockey

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Exploring a child’s interest in photography by teaching photography skills has its benefits. Their curiosity and creativity increases. Teaching photography to kids is less about learning rules. It’s more about allowing creativity to blossom. It’s an exciting hobby to explore the world through the lens of a camera.





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