About Pinal Vasanwala Patel

Storyteller, Author

Pinal Vasanwala Patel is the first professional storyteller and a pioneer for Story telling in Surat. Being a certified storyteller from Kathalaya- Bangalore, Pinal has dedicated her life to educate parents and kids about storytelling and its importance since twelve years. She wants to bring a positive change and influence people by stories.

To foster creativity and plant the seeds of stories, she has authored three books for children: Aani & Indian States, Aani & our Continents and Aani’s first Atlas in association with ‘Navneet publication house’. These books are a perfect blend for indulged learning. Her passion for stories and to help people has inspired her to start a story telling club for kids, a publication house and she conduct seminars to educate parents and teachers about child’s cerebral growth. She has been called to fountain head, Radiant, and many other schools for training and parenting sessions and workshops. She is the founder of Niaa Creations, the medium that works to ‘make stories travel’ through great minds.


Aani & Indian states

In this book, Aani gets to meet all the Indian states in an innovative way. Each state is unique, has diverse culture, heritage sites, along with its own peculiar attraction. All these are splendidly inter-woven into a series of interesting conversation which will arouse the child’s curiosity and imagination.

Aani & our continents

This book is about Aani and his best friend Yip Yips The magic mat, who set out to meet all the continents of the world. On his journey, Aani discovers that every continent has a distinct identity of its own. A flow of events which lines up his journey is magnificently depicted in this story of fun with facts.

Aani’s First Atlas

“Aani’s First Atlas brings each continent and country to life with bright hues and beautiful graphics, making geographic concepts easy to understand. Complete with lots of information like geography, weather, people, monuments, crosswords and some interesting trivia, this is the atlas for today’s young explorers and also easy to carry.”

Faculties at Niaa Creations

Shalu Bhansali

Jewelry Designer and a Storyteller

Nupur Jajoo

An Architect and a Storyteller

Rutu Doshi

Fitness enthusiast and Storyteller

Subhi Gupta

Faculty of speech and drama for kids

Rashmi Narang

An Educator and a Nutritionist

Reena Gangajaliya

Professional Spoken English Trainer

Hema Shah

A Storyteller

Neha Bafna

Storyteller at NIAA Creations

Kashish Khattar

An Educator and a Storyteller

Chelana Shah

Executive-Operations and Social Media Manager

Jigna Shah

Certified phonics teacher and a Storyteller

Nikita Patel

A Storyteller

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