Welcome to our world of Grammar!

Your child’s Grammar learning adventure starts here! Discover our Grammar courses designed to make learning fun and interactive to make all the difference to your child’s level of interest and engagement with those nouns and pronouns! It was Moliere who said, “Grammar, who knows how to control even kings.” Truly, accuracy in speech is a quality that will get you to places. The importance of Grammar is very well understood. Grammar lets you use English with ease and confidence.

With us, your child will gain a learning experience that will shape their future with skills for a global world. It will improve their creativity, leadership and communication skills that open up a world of possibilities. We encourage curiosity in kids because well, curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat. Practice, practice, practice!
which always motivate them to have conversations in English. Don’t forget to have fun while you learn. We have introduced interactive classes focusing on practical skills that include songs, videos, stories, fun tutorials and the like. Another way to introduce grammar to children without making it a laborious task is to use word games or grammar quizzes and make it into an interesting group activity. Some of the questions could be guessing the correct tense form of verbs, or giving two parts of the sentence and asking the child to combine them correctly into a sentence.

“True ease in writing comes from art, not chance, As those move easiest who have learned to dance.” Just as those who have learned to dance can move gracefully, those who have learned the rules of Grammar can use the language artfully.