Get Ready for Mother Toddler Sessions!

Mothers are the first and foremost institute for kids. There’s no bond as strong as Mother-Toddler in the entire world. No love so instantaneous and forgiving. The transition of a child from infancy to toddlerhood is a milestone for both, the baby and the mother. “So, I stepped away for like two seconds and……” is the beginning of every toddler parenting story.

Here we bring to you a program specially customised for toddlers of the age group 0-36 months. This program offers an engaging ride promising bonding, value-based play, easy peasy fun activities and theme based learning! Our interactions are filled with carefully designed activities that nurture your child’s growing brain. Our sessions start with a small prayer and move on to fun activities like drawing, painting, building blocks,
clay dough, puzzles, rhymes, painting, dancing, craft activities, singing and the like. We focus on learning through play and exploration while making the parents understand how the child learns. We end our session talking and reflecting on the day that has passed and the tips that parents take from that day’s learning. We end with a thank you to everyone for being a part of the day.

Why MTP with NIAA? Our program plays a role of guiding the parents who in turn guide their child and in turn inspire them to do the activities & gain confidence. Parents get a chance to be a part of initial learning journey of their child. This program helps in early childhood curriculum development and ensures a smooth transitioning to pre-schools. Also, the phase of weaning out the toddler from mother becomes easier.