Ready for some Phonics?

‘Phonics’ is a common parenting buzzword these days. You might have seen the word pop up when you were researching about enrichment classes for your kids. Or maybe you have passed by a banner or a poster advertising phonics classes for children. “Wingardium Leviosa” Our little Harry Potter fans know what we are talking about!

They probably have mastered the pronunciation of this spell but not all can easily pronounce it the right way. This is when ‘Phonics’ come into picture. Children start developing the ability of decoding words in early childhood from as low as 3 years. Introducing young children to the joy and wonder of books requires systematic teaching of phonics.
We often hear educators say “What children can say today forms the basis for what they can read or write in the future.” But this only tells part of the story. Children must learn to turn the words they see in a text into sounds and make sense of these sounds.

Phonics teaches this letter-sound relationship. Phonics knowledge leads to word knowledge, when children understand the sound of letters, they will be able to apply their knowledge and read longer words that they have not seen before. We at NIAA Creations understand its importance and guide our kids in a way that help them to become successful readers and spellers/writers in their early years and beyond.