Feel More Confident with every Word!

In present times, the importance of English language has grown tremendously. Being able to speak in English language develops the fluency and confidence in communication. Through our course, kids learn to speak fluently, develop vocabulary and accuracy which in turn sharpen their minds. Kids develop a new set of social skills which gives them the confidence of Public Speaking. Knowing the basics of this language has become inevitable. Learning a language is so much easier when you start young.

We strongly advocate teaching English to kids from the age as young as 2 or 3 years old. And the great news is more and more parents are starting to understand this and are encouraging their children to start learning even a second or third language when they are young. In fact, in the last few months, we have probably received more requests to expand our Spoken English class than any other classes. We at Niaa creations teach Spoken English from scratch. We conduct small batches to ensure proper attention to each and every child
and encourage them to speak up without any fear. We focus on getting kids to talk about various subjects – be it cartoons, school, sports, siblings or learning how to ride a bike. We keep the conversations very “real”.

We ask kids to talk about things that happened at school and during the week. This is where our teachers are specially trained to gain trust with younger students and let them find their voice. Kids learn to open their mouths, open their minds and open their hearts. We have found tremendous results on how quickly they have absorbed the English language through our course. Our batches provide
  • Constant Teacher Guidance Support
  • Flexible Study Timings
  • Fun, Engaging and Interactive Course Material AND MUCH MORE!
Let your kids start that journey with us and see them blossom into confident leaders of tomorrow!