About Positive Day Newspaper

Pinal Vasanwala Patel is a renowned Author, Storyteller and is a leading entrepreneur from Surat. She has always envisioned herself as an influencer who wishes to spread the beam of positivity and smile in the lives of people and with this noble goal she conceptualized Surat’s very own Newspaper: Positive Day where she desires to create optimism and happiness all around. She has penned down several books, has a decade long experience in storytelling, organized the very first Hubbub Story Fest in Surat in 2019 and has innumerable parents-children workshops to her credit. She is a visionary, a pathfinder and a determined woman who lives by the mantra that positivity is the key to happiness. She believes that positive thinking can change the world and with this venture of Positive Day Newspaper, she aspires to inspire the readers to be positive and grateful in their life.

Positive Day Newspaper Team

Pinal Vasanwala Patel

Founder & Chief Editor

Hina Hakim

Copy Editor &
Content Writer

Ashruta Patel

Co-partner, Co-ordinator,
Managing Marketing Accounts

Gopi Thakkar

Designing Head

Chelana Shah

Assistant Manager &

Honey Thakkar

Content Writer &
Creative Advisor

Deven Salgaonkar

Content Developer

Tanvi Shah

Content Writer

Dharana Shah

Content Writer & Creative Advisor

Subhi Gupta